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Waterproofing systems
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Polyurea spray systems are a new technology that is constantly gaining ground in the field of insulation. Due to its speed of application, efficiency and effectiveness, polyurea is applied to protect and seal surfaces.

The spraying process is similar to that of polyurethane foam but the end product is an elastic surface with high resistance to chemicals, wear, sun, and aging.
Whether as a substrate or as a final surface, the application of polyurea (polyurea) is the most advanced method of protection, coating and sealing of surfaces without joints, with application speed and with many years of durability.

The system does not age and does not hydrolyze, while it also provides anti-root protection. It is durable over time and is suitable for exposed surfaces in stagnant water. It withstands as a substrate as well as a final surface in swimming pools.





Liquid Basic Polyurethane Membrane


Liquid polyurethane-based film, one component, easy to apply, specially designed for sealing.
As it matures, it forms an extremely elastic monolithic (without joints) coating with excellent anti-cracking properties.

Suggested uses in:

  • Investment in roofs and concrete surfaces
  • Waterproofing on balconies and roofs of buildings
  • Waterproofing in areas with increased humidity (under tiles), in toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, bridges and pavements
  • Waterproofing of sidewalks and pavements


Warm waterproofing of roofs
Polyurethane Thermal Insulation Foam Spraying Systems


Two-component polyurethane foam systems designed for spraying applications. The material is applied with a multi-component polyurethane sprayer at high pressure.

Suggested uses in:

  • Rooms, ceilings, walls of any type of building
  • Basement thermal-waterproofing
  • Cold rooms
  • Metal roofs of industrial plants
  • Shipping applications
  • Vehicle insulation
  • Food warehouses
  • Tank insulation